Lime tree seed, acorn, poppy seed head

I’ll be taking part in Leamington Spa’s Art in the Park on 13th August 2022. I’ll be in a large gazebo with other Rugby Artists and Makers Network members. It’s a two-day event, 13th & 14th, but I’m sharing with Blackberry Hare Jewellery and the current plan is that I will do the 13th and she will do the 14th.


What is it?
How does it show that you are buying the real thing?

Hallmarking is required under UK law for precious metals over a threshold weight. Most of my pieces are under the threshold weight but I choose to have most of my pieces hallmarked. If you can’t see the mark on the piece or its photo, do ask!

Hallmarking isn’t just stamping “925” or “silver” on an item, but having the piece submitted to an assay office where the metal is analysed and, if it meets the required grade, the component marks of the hallmark are applied, by punch or laser: the sponsor mark (my initials JEB), the fineness mark, and the assay office mark

Anyone selling items made from precious metals is required to display the Dealer Notice, which gives buyers information about hallmarking. You can download the Dealer Notice in PDF by the link below: