About me

I’m Jenny, a somewhat disorganised maker and creative dabbler.  Making comes second to being a mum though*, so bench work comes in unpredictable fits and starts.  (*Not because I’m an Alpha-mum, more because of that disorganisation I mentioned!)  I love making, but the whole selling side does not come naturally. 

I have a jewellery bench in a corner at home in Rugby and a studio space at Harborough Magna.  The sterling silver jewellery I make is often inspired by the shapes and patterns that nature creates.  I can’t resist filling my pockets with acorns, seed heads, and other natural bits and pieces.  Some of these I then have cast in sterling silver so that I can make them into jewellery pieces.  There’s more information about this on my How is it made? page.

Other pieces are made from scratch, beginning with silver sheet and wire and sawn, filed, hammered, textured, shaped and soldered into things you can wear, and sometimes small sculptures too.

I also play with wood and glass, paint and screenprinting, cyanotype and… well, whatever takes my fancy!  As well as pockets full of acorns I also have jam jars full of salvaged bits (of all sorts of things from bottle caps & lolly sticks to bent screws and sea glass) waiting to become something – one day.

I’m not what you might call a professionally trained jeweller, but I can’t claim to be self taught either.  I’ve done a lot of part time classes and short courses at Warwickshire College and Birmingham School of Jewellery, and more recently I turn to the internet for tips.  I still use the jewellery saw that I got in my teens.  If you think you’d like to try making for yourself my Learn page has some links to get you started.