Nothing is wasted. Precious metal offcuts are never thrown away. Most jewellers collect all the offcuts in a scrap pot, and send them off to be refined, the jeweller gets paid for the metal and it goes back into the supply chain. I’ve never yet done this – I don’t have enough! I re-use almost all the offcuts myself, so my little scrap pot has never got full. Offcuts often suggest earring shapes, or are the right size for a handmade bail. Tiny bits of sheet and wire are melted into balls or used for water casting.

Packaging. If you buy from me in person you can buy without packaging if you choose! Packaging is something I review all the time. I feel that it needs to be simple and without waste. It has to protect the jewellery, not react with it, and to be postal friendly. For my pendants I now use tins because of the durability and recyclability of metal – and they are neat little tins to reuse. I use cotton webbing inside the tins, cut to length by hand. Earrings are mostly presented on a card, and I’m using up my last kraft boxes when I need to post them.

Business cards, postcards and labels. These are printed on uncoated recycled cardstock.

I am always reviewing my responsible and sustainable options, looking to improve, so things may change.