You never know until you try

You never really know if something is going to work until you try. And sometimes, when you give something your all (or most of your all), you discover that it isn’t going to work, or it isn’t what you want. 

Every chance I get in the day and almost every night after 9 when the kids finally give in to sleep, I go to my bench and make jewellery.  It is making me realise that this isn’t how I want it to be, and also that it isn’t going to be enough.

So, I’ll keep going to get through my August event, still hoping that it will be good, and then think again.  

I think I need to make things with more investment of planning, time, and skill, rather than picking up whatever I think I can get done in the time I have.  I know I want to make things other than jewellery, and to develop old & new skills.  

I also want to free up time so that I don’t feel stressed that everything else is neglected. I do still want to be creative, in fact more so.