For my next trick… 

For months my plan has been to be ready for Art in the Park in Leamington in August.  I want to be looking “proper” for it, which is quite a challenge for a self-sabotaging, easily distracted, self-critical, ditherer.  Also, I need to have enough jewellery made to fill a stall, & justify the fee!  

Well, a small triumph. I managed to get something made, on theme, just in time for the publicity deadline. 

Leamington’s Three Graces are part of the theme; circus elephants once housed in the town.   I’m not all that comfortable with celebrating animals in the circus, so this one is balanced on a tiny globe (for their shrunken habitat) showing a hand-engraved India and Sri Lanka (their home).  She is sterling silver, with a little piece of 9ct gold recycled from a ring. 

I’m not great at taking notice of how long it takes me to make a piece. This time I managed a little discipline and made a note.  5 hours 35 minutes, from drawing to polishing.  So, I am clearly an extremely slow worker!  If I made another it would probably be an awful lot quicker, but perhaps less fun! 

As well as AITP I also have Rugby Festival of Culture coming up next month (and the start date has been brought forward!), plus a new venture to showcase a range of creatives in a local cafe.