Lost weeks

Being self-employed (and feeling a bit guilty about it), and a ditherer, and a mum, sometimes means that weeks go by without a thing getting done.  Over half term I was full of back to school resolutions about efficiency and running and healthy eating. This Girl Can!  

The 6yo went back to school on the Monday, and I was struck with a fluey cold on the Tuesday and barely functioned for a week. This Girl Can’t Right Now. 

Now that I’m going again I have a to do list as long as your arm. A ring commission. A Festival of Culture display to plan. Two new jewellery themes to work on. Art in the Park beginning to feel rather too soon.  Plus the house (oh, the state of the house!), Mothers Day, Dad’s birthday… Also I’ll be solo for 4 weeks while the husband works away. 
I guess I’d better get moving!